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Shooting club Simmozheim e.V.
Welcome to the shooting club Simmozheim e.V.
Our club looks back on almost 60 years of history, until November 1963, when it was founded by 16 people. The first feat of strength can probably be in 1968, club house built with a lot of effort and personal contribution. After several extensions and renovations, we were refused any further and necessary building permits in 1994 and the nature conservation authority of the Stuttgart regional council advised us to give up the location. he area around the rifle house has been declared a nature reserve, here you can find out more about the exciting history. Thanks to the great support of our municipality, we have found a suitable site on which our new club house was built and inaugurated in October 1996. Our club house with all shooting areas is one of the most modern in the Calw district, the shooting areas are all covered. Our 10m and 50m booths are equipped with electronic systems from Meyton. Perhaps not only but because of the optimal training opportunities, we have some successes to show. Championships from district to state level as well as participation, medals, podium and first places in the German championships. One of the greatest sporting successes was the promotion to the then newly founded 2nd Bundesliga air rifle, representative in the 2003/2004 season as the first Keis-Calw. Our shooting areas are approved for air guns (10 m), for handguns and long guns up to 1,500 joules (25 m) as well as for long guns up to 4,500 joules and handguns up to 200 joules (50 m). We are thus equipped for almost all disciplines of the German shooting association. Visit us and let yourself be inspired by shooting sports. You can find our application form here.
the essence of shooting
is one of the few cultural and social-historical phenomena that has developed continuously over many centuries and has survived to this day. It is an important, historically grown and living part of the regional or local identity. Sagittarius encompasses a large number of customs and traditions that are spread across Germany in numerous different manifestations.

Since December 2015, folk dancing, manual glass production and chorale singing have had something in common with German shooting - they have all been recognized as intangible cultural heritage by the German UNESCO Commission. In the justification for this award, UNESCO emphasizes that the German shooting scene is an important, historically grown and living part of regional or local identity in many places. It pays tribute to the large number of customs and traditions that are widespread in Germany in numerous different manifestations and are mostly cultivated in associations. Even those who otherwise have no contact with the shooting should be familiar with the various shooting festivals. In addition to these occasions, the various shooting associations shape social and cultural community life, especially in smaller towns. This describes cultural forms of expression that are directly supported by human knowledge and ability, passed on from generation to generation, and are constantly being newly created and changed. For example, the German bread culture, the cooperative idea and the Rhenish carnival are part of Germany's intangible cultural heritage.
Sport shooting or shooting sport is internationally the sporty handling of firearms or sports bows (crossbow, bow). Sport shooting or shooting sport is sporting internationally. Sporty shooting means shooting according to certain rules, the weapon is used - contrary to its hunting or military origin - as a piece of sports equipment, similar to the spear when throwing a javelin or the rapier when fencing. Shooting sport is precision sport. The aim of sport shooting is to hit the center of a target by harmonizing body (static structure and body control) and mind (inner calm and control of external influences). This requires training, both physical and mental. Often these pressures are underestimated and shooting is occasionally not recognized as a sport. The arrangement of rings on a target is called a "mirror", in most disciplines it is a question of ring targets, with which a maximum of ten rings can be achieved. The closer you can place the hits in the middle, the more rings the shooter receives. In the finals of the major competitions, each ring is divided by “tenths” so that there is less often a tie. In sport shooting, competitions are usually shot with 20, 30, 40 or 60 shots, depending on the discipline and age group. As a rule, individual tens ring discs are used, but in competitions with the air rifle, for some time now only disc strips with 10 or 5 mirrors each are used. Electronic systems are now widely used. An air pistol fires 5 shots at a target. In Germany, shooting is strictly separated from defense shooting and military shooting. In other countries, such as the USA and Switzerland, this is historically different. Especially young people we also offer a purely electronic alternative to pneumatic weapons. There is no minimum age for this type of shooting. The minimum age for the practice of shooting with compressed air weapons is 12 years, whereby there is also the possibility of an exemption (age-related lower limit is not specified in the Weapons law). Adolescents who have reached the age of 14 and are not yet 16 years old are also responsible or responsible for shooting with small-bore firearms and weapons with smooth barrels (shotguns) up to caliber 12 under the care of the custodian authorized to supervise according to Section 11 of the AWaffV and for child and youth work for the shooting of suitable supervisors (youth leaders, teachers, professional trainers and holders of a basic youth license or licensed club trainer §27.4.2 AWaffV) (§27 WaffG + §27 AWaffV). Exceptions to the age limits can be requested under certain conditions with regard to the physical and psychological development of the young people. In all cases mentioned, a declaration of consent from the legal guardian is required. There are no legal age restrictions for archery. Source: Wikipedia, more information can be found here (german version).
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Our club consists of 144 members (as of 01/2021), 63 are "active". Our umbrella organization is the Württembergischer Schützenverband, which is a member of Deutschen Schützenbund. The promotion of juniors and shooting sports as well as the cooperation with the local clubs are very important for us.
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